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 Nutritional Programs: Nutritional Programs for Adult Men  
  • Adult Men's Nutrient Program Range (RDAs to optimum safe levels)

    Adult males, like all other segments of our population, have their own special needs. Much of the information in this volume relates to both men and women; here we will look at the differences between the genders with regard to nutrition. In this program, we will review the requirements for a male’s optimum physical, mental, and sexual functions, as well as his specific nutritional needs.

    We want to think of life as long, healthy, and happy. How do we create that? Heredity and nutrition are probably the two most influential factors governing longevity. Other aspects of lifestyle, such as work, activity, exercise, stress levels, and chemical exposure, are also important. More subtle aspects, such as purpose, creativity, attitude, and often spiritual awareness, may also be core factors. I believe that the state of our nutrition, our general attitude toward life, and how we handle stress can influence our health and longevity more than anything else; they can maximize our potential or hasten our demise. Many specific nutrients protect us and enhance our energy and physiological potential as well.

    Men (and humans) in this modern age, however, have departed from the basic aspects of supportive living. We have moved away from the land and manual labor to a frenetic lifestyle in cars and offices, eating on the run, working more with our minds than with our bodies. These increased stresses require greater nourishment than we have needed under low stress conditions. Unless we fill this vital nutrient gap, our energy, stamina, and productivity can be diminished. Obtaining quality foods and taking the relaxed, receptive time to eat them need to be more of a life priority. Most active, productive men need a good supplement program to protect them from illness and deficiency symptoms and increase their longevity by reducing chronic degenerative disease patterns.

    Many parts of this book deal with nutrition’s effect on our major diseases—cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Even though the average life span in the United States has increased greatly (from 47 years for males born in 1900 to 72 years for those born in 1980), much of this is due to better prenatal and infant care, immunizations, and the use of antibiotics to treat acute infections. Now, many adult chronic, degenerative diseases result from regular overeating and from choosing the wrong foods, such as those high in fat and sugar, and too many refined foods. At the same time, too little of the wholesome, nutritious foods may contribute to suppressed immunity, increased infection rates, and susceptibility to cancer. It is important that men (and all people) find the right balance in diet and lifestyle. This includes all of the nutritional suggestions discussed previously—eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, fresh fish, and, if desired, occasional lean poultry or animal meats, free of chemicals and antibiotics. Limiting the fatty, refined, and sugary foods, such as milk products, processed meats, fried foods, breads, candies, and pastries, while minimizing the use of caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine will help produce a healthier and longer life.

    Most men with good energy levels can use regular detoxification periods (discussed in detail in later programs). Regular fasting or "cleansing," yearly (in springtime), seasonally, monthly, or even one day weekly, is a great preventive medicine tool; it may also help to reenergize the will and instincts. Difficulties may arise when we overwhelm our capacities to handle our foods, chemicals, emotions, thoughts, and so on. We may also begin to feel "backed up" when our abilities to digest, assimilate, and eliminate these many potential life stressors are reduced. Constipation, back pain, allergies, and sinus congestion, as well as certain cardiovascular diseases and gastrointestinal problems are the results of this type of lifestyle autointoxication. Many of these problems will respond well to a cleansing program. Refer to the General Detoxification and Fasting Programs. These cleansing periods offer us a good chance to reevaluate our life and make a new plan for health, work, or whatever else we may need to renew ourselves. Most men do not usually consider this practice, but those who do respond very well. In my experience, women are more likely to embrace these more evolutionary (or traditional) aspects of cultural medicine, hygienic practices, and healing; women are also usually more receptive to change and learning. Men, of course, need these renewing processes also; women, however, require fasting programs less frequently, because their problems more commonly result from nutritional deficiencies. Ultimately, we all need to find a balance, ever-changing, of course, that will keep us well and not require much detoxification.

  • (Excerpted from Staying Healthy with Nutrition ISBN: 1587611791)
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     About The Author
    Elson Haas MDElson M. Haas, MD is founder & Director of the Preventive Medical Center of Marin (since 1984), an Integrated Health Care Facility in San Rafael, CA and author of many books on Health and Nutrition, including ...more
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